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I’m pretty new to the dating world, and recently, I started talking to a guy and we hit it off great.

The Friday before Thanksgiving, he said that he would consider our relationship as “seeing each other.” But we actually went out of town together for the weekend for a Fakesgiving party, and I got pretty drunk.

Basically when a series is rolling along, and doing decent, if a bit obscure.

Then one installment is released, and that installment takes over the series.

If he doesn’t want to define what “slowing down” means, then should I move on? — Fakesgiving Faux Pas “Let’s slow down” is always a demotion from whatever relationship status you thought you were.

So, a demotion from “seeing each other” could be “just friends” or maybe “friends with benefits,” or possibly, “Uh, you got seriously drunk and blacked out and don’t even remember all those weird things you said and did so I’mma just back away slowly and hope you don’t ask any questions.” Yeah, I’d say you should probably move on and, if he contacts you, you can be pleasantly surprised but I wouldn’t hold your breath or anything.

I felt so guilty since I thought the abortion might have caused the miscarriage, and I’ve been living with a guilty conscious since then.

This does not count series which simply avert First Installment Wins by having a non-iconic first installment that was never displaced from popular consciousness.

We ended up have sex more than once, but I blacked out and I only remember a little. In the morning when I woke up and also on the car ride home, he said that he wanted to slow things down. ” (the dreaded question), he said he didn’t want to answer that and he’d need time to process.

Did I ruin this relationship by moving too quickly?

Occasionally, a fan might go back and look at the obscure earlier entries, but within the general fanbase, this entry is the series from the moment of its release.

Often caused by a Surprisingly Improved Sequel, and related to Adaptation Displacement, More Popular Spinoff, and Older Than They Think.

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