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Most dating isn’t really dating in the dinner & a movie sense — it’s hanging out. It’s a simple principle of marketing: People value what they work for much more than what comes easy.That’s why nowadays it’s become socially acceptable to App dating allows our natural tendencies to show in new and interesting ways, leading to some fascinating insights into how men and women strategise about dating.And through my friends’ frustrations, the behaviour of the people I met and my own behaviour within the incentives set by the system, I learned a bit about its main drivers. Here are some of the harsh truths about dating that I’ve learned in my two-year experiment. Everyone is playing the cards they’ve been dealt as best they can, and it’s a bit jarring to see how little we can escape the grip of evolution.Girls looking longingly over their shoulder in bikinis. Women prefer mates that are at least equivalent in success and attractiveness to them, but preferably higher — a trait called hypergamy.It cuts through the initial stress and chat-up BS, and it’s simply a lot of fun.

Tinder is an incredibly unequal market in terms of supply and demand, where a few top male players hold almost all the cards, and the bottom 80% of men could do themselves a favour and just delete the app. The top few percents of men, the proverbial “assholes” that all your female friends complain about, have an almost endless harem of available girls from which to choose. These guys don’t have a lot of incentive to treat any single girl like a princess when there are 15 other “functional equivalents” blowing up their phone at any time. A lot of women have the opportunity to go on dates with these high-status guys, but that’s about all it is.On the level of attractiveness, measured by the frequency of “swiping right”, the bottom 80% of men are competing for the bottom 22% of women and the top 78% of women are competing for the top 20% of men.A guy with average attractiveness can only expect to be liked by slightly less than 1% of females.In an, admittedly not peer-reviewed study, a Tinder quant crunched some numbers about male and female behaviour on the app.The results are shocking — to anyone that isn’t into evolutionary psychology.

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