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Amanda Lee Kimmel (born August 3, 1984) is an American actress, model, beauty queen, and animal rights advocate who has competed in the Miss USA and Miss Earth pageants.Kimmel was the second runner-up contestant on Survivor: China, runner-up Survivor: Micronesia, and later returned for Survivor: Heroes vs. Kimmel set several Survivor records during her three seasons on the show.Ozzy Lusth already had a fan base before he started on "Survivor: South Pacific." Oklahoma City fans love this guy and can't wait to see how far he makes it on the show.Many remember that he used to be dating Amanda Kimmel and they want to know if the two are still together.Kimmel was selected to represent the United States in this pageant from a group of applicants, and did not compete in a live competition for the title.

In the official issue of CBS Watch magazine commemorating the 15th anniversary of Survivor in 2015, Kimmel was voted by viewers as the fourth most attractive female contestant in the history of the series.She is one of several Miss USA delegates to have competed on Survivor (Danni Boatwright, Kim Mullen, and Janu Tornell being among the others).During the season, Kimmel made an alliance with Courtney Yates and Todd Herzog.As of the reunion show, they were still dating, but they subsequently separated. She was an early target in the game, receiving one vote from Jessica "Sugar" Kiper in the first Tribal Council and three votes from Colby Donaldson, Tom Westman and Stephenie La Grossa in the second Tribal Council.Kimmel eventually made it to the merge, and on Day 30, and became the 12th person voted out and the fourth member of the jury, finishing in ninth place.

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