Not many people ever see an Amur leopard in the wild.

Not surprising, as there are so few of them, but a shame considering how beautiful they are.

The main river flows generally east and southeast, forming much of the border between China’s Heilongjiang province and southeastern Siberia.

At the Russian city of Khabarovsk it turns northeastward and flows across Russian territory to the Tatar Strait.

The good news is, having been driven to the edge of extinction, their numbers appear to be rising thanks to conservation work - we're also able to survey more areas than before and use camera traps to estimate population changes.In Russia, poachers can be jailed for two years or more for killing an Amur leopard.Learn more Forests are under particular pressure from the global demand for wood and paper.That also affects the health of the forests and wider environment, which provides local wildlife and people with food, water and other resources.By protecting the Amur leopard we’re helping to look after its environment for the benefit of other wildlife and people that share it.

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The local ungulates that make up the majority of this leopard’s prey have also been greatly depleted, leading the leopards to concentrate on domestic livestock, including farmed deer, and therefore inciting further persecution .

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