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Per this comment on github, it seems that Ansible can't handle SNI to get the right SSL certificate without python 2.7.9 . You can't upgrade it because get_url has the same issue with SSL and so you would have to download the python source with That's only the case if the server you're downloading Python from relies on SNI. But really, you shouldn't be compiling Python on every individual server. There's no need to download directly from every time, and it's more reliable to have a local copy anyways.You should do it once, either on a machine that you freeze into an image that you launch further machines off of, or you package it as an rpm and the machines just download that and install it. Even simpler: download the package on your desktop (via verified https). I suggest that you do not reinvent the wheel and use a ansible galaxy role that has already solved the issues you are reporting.Data synchronization between the on-premises environment and Exchange Online happens independent of user behavior.This ensures that we can send new messages to the devices very quickly.Obviously for non-system use, I wouldn't mind having the latest git 2.15 anyway so...To make a newer version of git available than is on yum's base/extras/updates repos, I found the IUS repository which has a "safe replacement" package for a few things including git.

The white paper Office 365 Administrative Access Controls discusses personnel screening, background checks, Lockbox and Customer Lockbox, and more.

The white paper Encryption in the Microsoft Cloud discusses how Bit Locker is used for volume-level encryption.

Service Encryption with the Customer Key option, as discussed in the white paper, is supported in the Outlook for i OS and Android architecture, but note that the user must have an Office 365 Enterprise E5 license (or the corresponding versions of those plans for Government or Education) to have an encryption policy assigned.

Outlook provides the security, privacy, and support you need while protecting corporate data via capabilities such as Azure Active Directory conditional access and Intune app protection policies.

The following sections provide an overview of the hybrid Modern Authentication architecture, the required pre-requisites for its deployment, and how to securely deploy Outlook for i OS and Android for Exchange on-premises mailboxes.

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