Asking for money intimidating

Jan, a dad of four, holidaying in Britain said: "He asked me for £10 and I said no, but I still paid £5.

"We're here on holiday for two weeks, it seemed quite aggressive.

"I don't think I gave him more than about £1.50.

"He said it was a donation for something, but he wouldn't say what." Working in teams, the monks take shifts and panhandle for a short amount of time before disappearing until another takes over.

But in reality, you should ask businesses for donations the same way you would ask individuals.

Tailor your approach to the person you're asking, craft a formal letter, and meet with them in person to discuss your project and the reasons their business should donate.

Rosemary handed over £10 for the monk to buy some food in exchange for the tacky souvenirs.

Mum-of-three Rosemary told The Sun Online: "I was finishing a cigarette outside Poundworld when he suddenly a made a beeline for me.

Another family were queuing for dinner by Tower Bridge when they were approached by the same monk demanding £10.

American Aaron Wagle, 18, is on holiday from Kansas and was sightseeing near City Hall when a monk approached.

He was asked to fill in a form and write down the amount he would be donating - but the monk never explained what the money would go towards. He said he wanted to talk about peace and said he would pray for me.

A MUM has issued a warning after she was pressured into buying an expensive "gold peace charm" by a fake Buddhist monk.

Rosemary Kessock, 42, was targeted by a bald man in brown and orange robes who slapped a bracelet on her wrist.

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"But when I read it was a scam and it had been happened in London and other cities all over the world I felt foolish." Last summer The Sun revealed how fake Buddhist monks were badgering tourists in London and New York to raise donations for "peace".

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