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I am very lucky, and I really hope I appreciate it.“Often a man wishes to be alone and a girl wishes to be alone too and if they love each other they are jealous of that in each other, but I can truly say we never felt that. We have been together since high school (11 years now) and have lost touch with pretty much everyone except our family. It was like I fell in love with him all over again. He gave me a hug and asked again if he could take me home. You're all amazing ~had~ the love of my life, we were best friends, and I imagined us growing old together, being the two old and pudgy penguins holding hands and waddling down the beach.We could feel alone when we were together, alone against the others. But since then I've tried to take the high road, despite it being a lot less scenic and a lot less instantaneously gratifying. We have also tried finding other couple friends but we value/enjoy our time together way to much to spend it with people we barely know on every free day we get (which isnt very often)...... Everyday, when we would go our seperate ways, he'd ask, "Can I take you home yet? This time I looked deep in his eyes, and kissed him. His best friend cheered and we have been together ever since. He is still my best friend and everything I could have asked for. Lol Edit: excuse the block of text as I'm on mobile :) thank you all for your kind words! I though of that all the time and, it was my goal, to grow old with her. I'd like to think the distance killed us, the being apart, but, I know it my drinking that was the kiss of death. It's crazy because being best friends isn't always romantic. So you're not embarrassed of embarrassing things. We have a little boy now and my wife and I are still best friends.

Dated for about a year and a half before moving in together, two years later moved across the country for his Ph D program, got engaged a year later, getting married in three and a half months. There have obviously been bumps along the way, but at the end of the day I get to hang out with my best friend and then go bang him. But the person I was actually responding to was freaked out by one comment here, hence the "one person's story" comment. A couple years later, my cousin gets a black eye (not her first) from one of the douche boyfriends and her best friend gave her an ultimatum: go on a date with me or I will not speak to you again. We were co workers at first then quickly became friends after working together for a while. We hung out a lot and I didn't say anything while she was in a LTR. I'm not bitter or resentful - I hope she's doing well and has a wonderful life, she deserves to be happy. She was my best friend and, I love her more than words can ever express.Regardless of compatability, regardless of the depth of your love and respect for your spouse, it's always important to have people around that you can talk with about issues with your spouse.If you're accustomed to that person only being your best friend (who is your spouse), you'll find yourself in a bind.He was really tired of her dating horrible people and he really did like and care for her.10 years later, they're married with 3 kids, and own a successful business together. We became best friends when I turned 21 and we were able to go it to bars and hang out and talk and stuff. The years we spent together are the best memories of my life. Edit: Wow, thanks for the gold, generous redditor!!Because they were friends for so long, they know each other's thoughts and are able to make the right decisions for their business and family. Finally when I was 23, she came to my brothers wedding because I didn't have a date and we had a great time. Instead, this boy, about 19 years old squats down and asks what I'm doin. I am certain if I live to be an old man, I will still think of her as the one true love of my life. I'm a bit overwhelmed reading all the responses and don't know where to start, really. yes, this October really is 3 years sober, and, so far as that goes, I'm never going back to that hell.

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We lived together all throughout our time at college and we developed a system that works great (separate checking accounts). We were both nominated for the English Laureate award at graduation, and really met at a party that summer.

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