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The Canadian pop star had internet users, news outlets and other celebrities around the world in a tizzy on Thursday, October 25, when photos of a man appearing to be him eating a burrito sideways emerged online.However, it turns out a Bieber look-alike named Brad Sousa was […] Cheyenne Floyd has been open about the difficulties of being a young parent on Teen Mom OG — and that includes her daughter Ryder’s congenital condition, VLCAD deficiency. 29 episode of MTV’s classic, Floyd — who shares Ryder with The Challenge alum Cory Wharton — talks about how the 18-month-old tot’s VLCAD […] Leather jackets are one of our favorite outerwear pieces to wear not only in fall, but yearlong — and like many fashionistas and bloggers we can’t get enough of designs from Bagatelle.Stars work hard to keep their bodies superfit — and as you can see from these pics, they’re proud to show off the results of all that sweat equity.From snapping photos of themselves in barely there bikinis, sexy lingerie and skintight jumpsuits or opting to […] It’s time to lay off Justin Bieber.

We could totally see why: They have a sporty design, are super stylish […] Happier than ever!The 32-year-old Miami Dolphins star headed to Miami […] Will there ever be peace between these two?Nicki Minaj took aim again at Cardi B on Monday, October 29, and revisited the physical altercation between the pair that took place at a New York Fashion Week event last month, offering up new details and asking for video of the violent clash to show what […] Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s 20-plus years of marriage have outlasted many Hollywood relationships since the pair exchanged vows in 1997.While traveling overseas for her tour of […] Goodbye sore feet!As much as we love our heels, it’s time to switch them up without sacrificing our style.

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If it manages to not look like a […] It’s officially the season of love.

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