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Jennifer was a popular girl in school, an Oakland Raiderette cheerleader, and, as describes her, a party animal.

However, she yearns for emotional attachment, which stems from her inability to allow herself to be vulnerable.

He is a Division I swimmer at Arizona State University, has multiple paramours, is close to his family, and is constantly partying, but hopes to grow into a mature man.

As a consequence, he never developed a strong rapport with him, and ended up with a gang, but is trying to leave that past behind him.The season featured seven people who lived in a two-story building in the Lower Downtown area of Denver, Colorado, which production started from late May to September 2006.It premiered on November 22 of that year and consisted of 28 episodes, which along with the 2002–03 Las Vegas season, is the highest number to date.The 21,927-square-foot (2,037.1 m), two-story building is located in Lower Downtown (Lo Do) Denver, a historic district and mixed-use neighborhood.Constructed in 1963, the building was sold in late April for .7 million to 1920 Market Street, LLC, a holding company that included the producers of the series.

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