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Big networks have their research and findings about what would do well and what would get views, but if companies are going to put on this act that they’re trying to “help people find love”, can they make sure they’re including people with bodies that aren’t restricted to sizes XXS-M?In other words, people representative of of the country.We would like to tell your story, put a face to this epidemic, and help you re-launch…Now Casting: Dynamic Couples Approaching Relationship Milestones Are you about to experience life changing events with the love of your life?everyday people who consistently struggle to find a decent partner. Networks like ABC and MTV strategically select the most influential people online to take part in their dating charade, but it seems like bigger people (or anyone with even a hint of arm fat) are nowhere to be found regardless of facial beauty, social influence, or (shudder) personality.If you ever wanted to appear on Maybe I’m crazy, but using the most superficial social platform to cast a dating show is enough to sell me on the idea that personality will be taking a backseat to looks, follower count and engagement.Despite how fake and manipulative some reality shows are, it’s still an opportunity for regular everyday people to find connections as there were quite a few dating show couples members who have stayed strong once the cameras went off. Unfortunately, finding them isn’t the easiest because there’s a stigma around straight-sized dudes liking bigger women. You’re telling me that 600 women have made it to television looking for love, but not a single plus-sized girl was deemed worthy enough to grace our screens?What does that say to Americans watching about who their dating pool should be?

Now Casting Nationwide: MTV is Casting Duos for Fun Tattoo Show!

- Would you trust anyone enough to have design a tattoo for you?

Disney show holding auditions for High School Musical kids of the past.

Are you an adult who once performed in High School Musicals in the decades past?

Where you a performer in your school years between the 70’s and 2000’s?

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Executive Producer of ‪‎Rich Kids‬ of Beverly Hills isis now casting a new groundbreaking luxury lifestyle television docu-series “Project…

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