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This has some advantages such as bypassing UAC restrictions and only launching after the system has connected to the network, which is better if your network adapter takes several seconds to initialize.Here’s how to do it:a) Download Neutron, extract the Zip file and copy the Neutron folder to the root of your C: drive.Neutron’s an old tool dating back to 2008 but still works fine.Although Neutron can automatically check for the system’s time accuracy during boot by placing it in the Startup folder or registry Run key, we prefer a more elegant solution of setting Neutron up to run as a scheduled task.After installing Time-Sync, by default it is configured to run at Windows startup and automatically performing a time synchronization when the service is started. At the Settings tab, you can configure to enable the event logging and change the update interval.

Apart from that, if the time server fails, it can automatically retry the next time server until it gets a working time sync.

Do take note that there will still be a d4process running after closing the program, but it takes up very little memory usage at only 500Kb. Time-Sync Time-Sync is another free Windows time correction software that installs and runs as a service.

It is quite similar to Dimension 4 but is much simpler with less options.

You can still start up the computer by pressing a button to resume the boot process and Windows will load as normal.

The problems start when you begin using the computer whereby the created, modified and accessed time on files and folders will get messed up, the emails that you sent and received on your email client software are marked with a much older date resulting in the mails being pushed to the bottom, all secure HTTPS websites won’t load on your web browser, evaluation periods of trial software may instantly expire, etc.

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