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All that is prologue to the finest breast bondage HOM can offer.

Now tied firmly to the chair, the wire harness is slid over her breasts, and around and around the loops of cord go to frame and distend those rock-hard globes. Back in her prison cell, she shakes her head in agreement with something The Tormentor has proposed, and she is left in her underwear, hands tied behind her back, with a crotch rope, and the breast bondage still in place. Some models have bodies that were meant to be tied up.

She gets tied against a wall spread-eagle, and gagged.There are lots of makers, but those are the only two whose work actually looks realistic, and not like somebody's posing a mannequin (which they are, just digitally).Esteemed Readership, Ralphus has honoured me by uploading another short story of mine into the site.There is a one-foot square board hanging from the wall behind her, with dozens of long nails protruding from it. Facing toward it, away from it, aimed at her breasts, or her butt, she can't help but run into those nails, almost as if she wants to. Released from the wall, and naked save for her heels, a strap around her upper torso keeps her arms pinned to her sides, though her hands are free.It is the dildo-seated chair that now confronts her.

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Grade: A Pluses: Anne Bruno's breast bondage scene is the gold standard. Find it at TRG: Great review and posted pictures of Punished 2. One question: there is no raping of the gimps by the male but there is self consensual dildo sex. id=9816&mode=view You can mistake them for poser but there are photo-manips and over the entire history of the internet, Photo-manip bats artists dominated poser bats artists by at least a 5 to 1 margin or 80% or more. In the letter telling me of the confiscation it was explained that buying and owning such material was not illegal; only the supplying of such. However, I am sure that you will be able to find a more learned opinion somewhere on the Internet. Lee Mortacchi wrote: I just ordered "Maleficarum" on DVD - I live in the UK. However, my experience has been that when BDSM materials ordered from outside the country are nabbed, the authorities send a letter that says the materials are being held and reviewed.

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