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Try it risk-free There is a line on Earth that causes you to change days when you cross it.This lesson will explain what the International Date Line is, how it affects the time zones on either side, and the history of how we decided on it.Anna teaches 9th and 10th Biology and Chemistry in a school with a lot of tech options for teachers to choose from.Anna chose Socrative because of how easy it is to write assessments and upload images.This provides the options to attach a Google Drive resource as a file or link to the material: If you're the System Administrator of your school or organization (Enterprise), you can pre-install the Google Drive Resource App to all users, or to certain roles in your school.

In fact, if you left your home at noon and ran westward at over 1000mph, you would outrun the sun and it would seemingly never set.Campus Press provides a fully customizable Word Press platform, just like Edublogs, for your entire school, district, college or university.Easily create and run thousands of Word Press sites, brand yourself, and keep complete control over privacy, users and content.Once this setting has been enabled, click the Google Drive link from your Materials page to open an editable version of the Google Drive link within Schoology.Any changes you make will automatically save so that the original version in Google Drive reflects all changes made in Schoology.

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