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Cobb (1979) drew attention to the elderly man whose waning sexual powers were insufficient to satisfy a younger wife.Mullen (1990) considered morbid jealousy to be associated with four features: People who are very insecure or even fearful are more likely to become anxious or question their partner’s commitment to them.

Men focus on the rival’s status and resources when it comes to the threat of jealousy they fear.There are many psychological causes that go along with morbid jealousy.Some people equate morbid jealousy with a delusional state.Amphetamine and cocaine increase the possibility of a delusion of infidelity that can continue after intoxication stops. In an attempt to counsel or treat the morbid jealousy of an individual, proper and thorough assessment must be employed.This approach is broad in nature, but necessary so as to provide adequate information that will aid in the possible reparation of a dynamic containing a morbidly jealous person.

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