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Take one last shot with the "long fuse" text messages from The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game.If that doesn't work, go silent for a few months, wait to see if she re-engages, and, if not, use something from Revitalizing Old Phone Numbers (included with Phone and Text Game).Gossip is for people that are not doing important things and have nothing important to offer why would you want someone like that? She has a tendency to lie Trust is paramount for a good relationship.Without it you will be on edge and wondering if you are being played.With a bonus "What to do before you move on" if the situation is fixable. (This is different from having mostly male friends, which is fine, especially if she works or goes to school in a male-dominated field). In my experience, women without any close female friends are bad news.They're trading on their sexuality to make friends, and other women don't see anything valuable in her.After discussing the reason for divorce you learn there was no valid reason such as affairs or abuse instead you will hear random BS such as…Run for the hills my son and run 3X as fast if she had kids and the reasons above were listed.

Everything is always a crisis, and even if you suggest solutions, she's only interested in dropping the problem in your lap. She acts like this because she's selfish, needy, manipulative, and lazy. The "something" is always a charity event, networking function, or somewhere she wants to see and be seen. A close relative of "the patient" but she's not necessarily trying to put you in a box; she's just morose and miserable.

Love Systems is not about having sex with every hot woman you meet.

Love Systems is about reclaiming your power as a man.

She lost her virginity to half the high school football team at age 14 I do not really need to elaborate on this point do I?

If it was the soccer team that is even worse she should be shipped immediately to some far flung location in Europe never to be heard from again.

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  1. Inilah peluang aku nak mengorat,fikirku.“Suami keluar ke? Zila kelihatan terperanjat bila mendengar aku menyapa,dengan senyumannya dia terus menjawab suaminya keluar outstation selama seminggu atas urusan kerja. Aku mula memasang angan-angan jahat, Selepas tu zila terus masuk.