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" Dash tilted her wings up, and swept backward into a tight loop.The last bit of her attempt to communicate was the result of a simple fact of cart-pulling, with which Dash was not intimately familiar. Judging by her response, Dash didn't mind."Why would I want to slow down, Twilight? Nothing else remained of the admittedly ramshackle cart that they had left Ponyville with.

It was strange to see Equestria's past unfold, and in a way, even stranger that so much of it was so alien."Ehehe…"Shining Armor laughed as he rubbed a hoof across Twilight's head, achieving both a noogie and a quick mane-styling job in a single action."It's good to see you.""Uh, Twilight…" In the course of Twilight's reunion with her brother, Dash's rolling laughter had managed to get her quite impressively stuck in the straps of her harness. "A combination of pink and purple magical auras made short work of the knots, and Dash stepped away from the completely ruined pile of scrap that had formerly been a wagon. " Twilight gestured toward the mess, and the crowd of now quite irritated onlookers whose days at the park had been rudely interrupted. ""Of course not." Shining smiled, before gesturing his head toward the Palace that dominated the skyline overhead. You—" The air rushed past Rainbow's ears, cutting out most of her friend's words. I'm not—" "I'll take us down in a minute, Twilight! Awesome enough, even, to drown out the screaming unicorn behind her. It brought her head close enough to the cart behind her to hear Twilight over the wind."—to slow down! Dash threw a glance over her shoulder, at which point she found herself caught between the guilty desire to laugh, and the heart-stopping fear that her friend was probably about to die." Rainbow Dash shouted back over the wind flying through her mane. Wait, please don—" Twilight's words quickly devolved into a primal scream of panic. In this case, Twilight's scream came from Dash's loop, which rapidly turned into the cart's loop. Twilight was barely managing to stand on a pair of wooden planks, each attached to one of the ropes of Dash's harness.

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