Dating control freak women

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Abusers who can’t face the fact that they are hurting their partners will act “holier than thou” as a way to establish control and rationalize their behavior. Some men do the mistake of trying to control their women by force and the result is a power struggle between them both that results in further problems.If the psychological make up of a woman made her a controlling woman then trying to force her to comply to orders will either make her feel broken or either motivate her to breakup with you.No one needs to be babysat, controlled, or told what to do by a delusional Knight in Shining Armor.Anyone who thinks differently tends to see women as a fragile, lesser being.

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However, there are some times when you can't just escape the person and need to learn how to cope with his or her behavior so you don't end up pulling all of your hair out.

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