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„Bukan Bunuh Diri‟ merupakan skrip monolog dan berkonsepkan simbolisme yang beraliran absurd dan merupakan satu cabaran bagi pengarah untuk mengarah pelakon melalui keseluruhan cerita.

Pendekatan Stanilavski digunakan untuk membimbing pelakon.

It is IBIMA policy to send complete papers to two reviewers for full blind peer review and to send a summary of review back to the author(s) .

Short papers/abstracts will be reviewed by reviewer and/or the editor.

To that end, possible conference topics of interest should include Economics, Management, Information Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, General Business, Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance as follow: We invited interested scholars, researchers, and managers to organize your own session(s) within the conference.

The special topic session is a unique opportunity that brings together researchers and audience from around the world to discuss a specific research question of interest and/or share research efforts with others who have worked in the same area.

Les papiers en format court seront révisés par l'éditeur.

Each paper will be exposed to a full blind peer review in most cases. Summary of review feedback/reports will be sent back to the author(s) in most cases.

All comments and suggestions should be addressed in the final submission.

All accepted papers registered by author(s) will be published in the conference proceedings.

Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, clarity, and contribution.

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Virtual participants will receive a full copy of the conference proceedings in regular mail.

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