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I clicked to reset my password but the reset email never showed up.I went to my local bank and paid for a “stop transaction” on my account to block the name that Match used to take the money out under back in April however, when the day came to renew, they took the money out of my account under a different name which still screwed me out of my money.I contacted Match using their customer service email and phone number. Finally called the number and the first man hung up on me and the second woman read back my email and told me to provide her my full name and debit card number and I refused the debit card number and she turned around and told me that email address all of a sudden didn’t exist even when I have proof that they sent an email on April 16th confirming my subscription.The other man had 10 Driving Under The Influence charges, suspended license and was 30 pounds heavier than photos. The one positive I can say for Match was their customer service.When I contacted Match to remove my information, they quickly and professionally removed it.

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When you view a match's photos, the 'send a message' text box at the bottom obscures any captions that may be attached to a photo (great web design! Also, in the 'who's viewed me' queue there is sometimes a mysterious red dot next to a match.

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