Dating in thai culture

Yesterday I was at immigration getting a re-entry permit for Thailand.Very simple procedure by the way only cost 1000 baht for a single.Now that she knows you have a girlfriend just mention how things arn't that great at home and that's why your meeting her.This gives her an opportunity and motivation to make you happy. Take her to the local curtain hotel and get with her for free with only the cost of the hotel about 180 baht!Even if you don't have a g/f that is willing to do this and your Thai skills arn't great you should be able to pull this off because in the end the girl wants to do it, she just needs to be coaxed into it.Alternatively you may have a Thai friend (must be a girl) that can help you negotiate and convince her, I've used a Thai cousin (from my step mom) and it worked worked well.

Even if you don't have a girlfriend and the girl starts talking about wanting a laptop, easy, tell them that you just recently bought your girlfriend the latest Mac laptop.

Curious Thai girls typically don't speak much English so this is where you need to come loaded with plenty of Thai language skills, the more Thai you know the better.

If you don't have any Thai but have a girlfriend that speaks Thai of course use her and go for lesbians and bisexual girls, my girlfriend finds these kinds of girls everywhere and typically all it takes is going out for 1 or two drinks in order for the GF to convince her to come back to our place for a roll around the hay.

When I meet her I'll say that I want to go here and I want to do this.

She'll say the same thing "I'm scared" "I wouldn't dare" just stand around repeating yourself until she gives in and says OK.

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