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However,the mature dater has taken a serious look at the state of their personal lives and knows that a proactive mind set is required.Achieving goals, obtaining the accouterments of success and slaying all the dragons that life throws at you can never take the place of intimacy with someone who sees you in your fullness.Ho hum holidays..."alone-again" New Years, the deafening silence of a empty nester home once animated by rowdy teens ... .conspire to give boomers a very determined mind set.The gurus will advise against appearing desperate or too available.... Most are seeking a singular soulful connection; not just another generic date.

Some say you should have zero expectations, as cyber dating is truly like a box of chocolates.reread and read again the profile of your potential connection--what next? Too much nicey- face and prolonged PC engagements will only waste life's most precious commodity..Whether you are responding to a suitor or initiating contact you got to have a game plan.Was attending church a big deal when you were growing up?Where is the most romantic place you have ever been?

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