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That night Marsden makes for France leaving behind his worried wife Sheila and small son, who live near the River Thames.

At the rendezvous, a rowing boat brings Clement and his purse of diamonds to The Black Falcon.

I realise there's a very tricky time coming up one day, but there's nothing I can do about it now..

I've got a few ideas of things I'd like to do when the series ends, but as long as I'm wanted, I'll go on playing Lockhart, I'm very happy to do so...

The star was Clifford Evans who played Chief Inspector Robert Stryker, and his assistant was the genial George Woodbridge.

These were cinema second features made by Republic at Nettlefold Studios in 1953/4.Arnold helps his young brother to find a job with a haulage company.But John Kendall (KH) soon realises the company is just a cover for a more sinister business, and he is framed for the murder of his employer.One of the hardest things about playing Lockhart is learning the lines week after week.I'm very grateful to all concerned at Rediffusion that they allow me sufficient time.

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An unpremeditated crime on the part of a young man who takes 10,000.

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