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In this small walk through I will demonstrate how to use linq datasource to do insert,update,delete and select using form view,gridview and details view control.

If you do not specify the primary key, insert will fail.This is a usercontrol that contains a detailsview with a fileupload control inside of it. First, I added an On Item Created event to the details view. btn Save is just a Button control inside my Details View. Do I have to use ATLAS or is there any fix I can use to make the AJAX work ? a Details Views, which is a child control of the Update Panel's Content Template, we should not postback the File Upload control but it's container. At this point, it will only show the the initial set Default Value from the Linq Data Source Where Parameters. NET I have a problem using File Upload control in Edit| Insert template within Details View. On Panel it says that "To use a File Upload control inside an Update Panel control, set the postback control that submits the file to be a Post Back Trigger control for the panel."I've tried to set that trigger on several events(Pre Render, Item Inserting, Item Updating) but no use, when I check file Upload Ctrl. Here is some code: protected void Details View1_Item Updating(... So in this case you would have to postback the Details View by using it's ID. Net Update Panel breaks File Upload in Gridview Templatefield Hi, I have a detailsview with a fileupload control in the templateview. If the Modal Popup Extender is commented out, the example will work just fine. Detailsview, fileupload control, ajax Hi, I'm having this issue with a fileupload control that I have put into a detailsview.

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The problem I am having is that the trigger should run off a button but I want the trigger to run off the automatically generated insert Linkbutton. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.

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