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Darb developed the Eventide Music Series and supports other City music programs.He is excited about the City taking the next steps to create more policies and initiatives that support music.Her songs have been featured on CBC, Sonic 102.9, 102.1 The Edge, Hot 107, X92.9, and more.Chris Frayer: Winnipeg Folk Festival (Winnipeg) Chris Frayer has been the Artistic Director for the Winnipeg Folk Festival for the past 11 years.Austin Santiago: Do206 (Seattle) Austin is the Vice President for Seattle media property and promotional powerhouse Do206.His experience includes seven years as national talent buyer and marketing manager at the Wild Buffalo House Of Music, three years as talent buyer and marketing manager for the Summer Meltdown Music Festival, and a decade of independent event and band management experience as the creative director for the Build Strong Music Group.Hotwiring a hairdryer motor to make his GI Joe’s “fly” was a good indication that tech was in his future.

Delta Sky Magazine recognized the Winnipeg Folk Festival as one of the Top 10 festivals to attend alongside Lollapalooza, South by Southwest, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury and other internationally recognized events.

He currently manages a roster of four acts including Moorea Masa, Cuff Lynx, Chong the Nomad, & Ca$h Bandicoot.

Brenda Gruanu: Creative BC (Vancouver) Brenda is the manager of Amplify BC funding programs, and brings more than 15 years of experience in Canada’s music industry.

From a Nettwerk Music Group intern at 20, to a publicity coordinator for Fritz Media at 22, to a Marketing/A&R Rep for Cordova Bay Records by 24, Sweeney has proven to be a jack of all trades when it comes to music (Did I mention she also manages her own band Lovecoast? Now stepping into the music tech world at TC HELICON as Artist/VIP Rep, Sweeney’s daily consists of helping some of the best talent out there craft their unique vocal sound.

Darb Erickson: City of Victoria (Victoria) Darb Erickson is the Arts, Culture & Events Liaison for the City of Vitoria. As a City liaison, he works with the music community to make great festivals and events happen.

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