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Depending on the card type, chargeback rates exceeding 0.5% or 1.0% (by sale count) can result in substantial fines and excessive rates can cause your merchant account to be terminated with the possibility of card brand banishment.Even a small number of chargebacks demonstrates that you have some unhappy customers.Customer Information: Gather evening and daytime phone numbers, as well as an email address, if the shipping and billing addresses are different.This is particularly important with high value orders.Billing descriptors can be truncated by processing systems, causing incomplete phone numbers.

In some cases, this will reflect actual fraud and may require the issuing bank to close the account.

This will provide your credit card processor with additional evidence to fight chargebacks and win representments.

Order confirmation emails should include this information in the content or via a web page link.

“Recurring Transactions” chargebacks occur when a consumer believes they have been billed after cancelling a subscription, membership, or multi-payment billing series (e.g. Using clear and explicit billing descriptors will help you avoid these types of chargebacks (see #6).

Be certain to quickly acknowledge and record any correspondences with customers regarding changes or cancellations.

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