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Although evidence of farming in China dates back about 10,000 years, this new technology spread relatively slowly at first.

But about 5000 years ago, the change to intensive agriculture became more dramatic.

To accomplish this goal two things must be made clear: 1) the number of White people in the world is very small; World Wide there is only about 800 million to 1 Billion Whites (Albinos) actually, that is only about 10 % of the Worlds Human population.

This is of course a great surprise to all Blacks who have been called "Minorities" by these Albinos.

But also with them were Mongol phenotype Africans like the Himba and San.The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being that they are derived from Albinos.Their efforts to make all peoples of historical significance White, would appear to be their effort to make themselves the "New Normal" i. "See everybody important was White, therefore White is good - the best even!Whites will still doggedly point to artifacts from the periods of Greek and Roman rule and say: See, these are the "Real Egyptians".Of course, there is absolutely no reason why a reasonably intelligent human being, would ever think that the ancient Egyptians were White people, but then again, reason and intelligent thought, have nothing to do with this: This is about a "Need" to believe.

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