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So, put the protractor down, fill out your profile by clicking here, and let the probability distribution functions work themselves out.

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In fairness to the when they wrote, “Don’t Do it, Ms.

Pelosi” in their editorial, they did give me an opportunity to respond.

I called Tony Blankley and he invited me to his Editorial Board.

I went and spent 1 hour and 25 minutes explaining every thing about my life that they wanted me to.

Colleagues, some of the things I write you may be familiar with. It is all meant to edify you so that you have the best information possible in case you are asked about me or read about me in the paper or online. And finally, the decision after my election as to whether or not I should be seated in the House of Representatives.

And, using excerpts of my trial without asserting that the information came from me, and that the more than plausible explanations before a 12 person jury that heard all of the evidence was accepted by them.

And, I answered every question asked by them and the board member that did do exhaustive research.

But, like everyone else, including Members of Congress, he did not review the trial transcript.

Above all, he points to the fact that he was acquitted of wrongdoing in a criminal trial, which he believes has been downplayed.

“In a jury trial, the evidence is the only consideration,” Hastings writes.

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“In an impeachment, politics is central.”November 20, 2006Dear Colleagues, Because I know you and because many of you are mindful of my 14 years in Congress, and in order not to stoke a simmering fire which had the potential to adversely affect Democrats in the ’06 election, I elected not to participate in the “discussion” about whether I should be appointed Chair of the HPSCI.

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