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I’m not going to act like this blog is run by multiple people as it was in the past, as it’s just me here now. No worries about it of course, but many thanks if you do this! In fact, I’ll be adding a new type of request as soon as I clean out the ask box. - Mituna would crave attention from Kurloz constantly, but when he’s in a bad mood he will push Kurloz away until he gives in and starts talking to him again.- They would be inseparable.- Mituna would drag Kurloz around to do the things he wants, and Kurloz would be perfectly fine because he loves to see Mituna happy.- Mituna is sometimes surprised by how much Kurloz cares about him, no matter how egotistical he may act about it.- They would cuddle until Mituna would get “too hot” and move away.

I would really like to have another mod on board (if not several), so if you’re interested please contact me either here or through my personal. Then he would get “too cold” and the cycle would continue.- Mituna knows all the perfect ways to beg Kurloz to get what he wants.- When they argue, it’s usually settled very quickly after Mituna realizes Kurloz is actually upset.

It foams up and spills out of the neck and down the sides, dripping over Dirk’s hand. Kid won’t fucking shut up about him, about damn time he grew a pair and told him he was into him.”John and Dirk watch them silently for a few more moments, John munching down on another Dorito as Dirk points out, “Lil’ shit never learnt how to open a wine bottle.

John nudges him and nods over to Karkat watching with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment as Dave practically wrestles with a bottle of wine. Bet you five he either breaks it trying or the cork flies out and hits him in the face and shit goes everywhere.”“You’re on.” “Bye.” Karkat sighs, watching Meenah walk off towards Vriska.

She’s a wise lady, no wonder Rose is grinding up against her.

Free of charge, just for you.” Karkat didn’t ) voice had managed to weasel it’s way into his mind until it had become ingrained in his subconscious. I’ll, just, get that.” He turned back around, bending down to grab his keys. “What the hell are you doing out there, being strangled by your own ego? “I was just thinking about how, you know, leaving your keys in there is, like, uh...” He was . If he had spindly lanky limbs like Dave this would have been over in a second. ”“Yeah, uh, it’s just-” Dave lifts his hand and brushes his fingers across the top of his cheek. ” The two boys jumped slightly as the gate next to the swung open and a girl with pink hair grinned at them.“This is your place? There were all kinds of fairy lights strung through the hedges and tall gate that was at the front of the lawn. unique as her, or if she had to badger them incessantly until they allowed her to throw up the copious amounts of twinkling lights.“Yeah, this is where I live. ”Roxy lead them up to her apartment, gushing about the SNES she had found on Ebay and how she was going to kick their ass on it.“-but anyway, help yourself to food and drinks. ” Roxy flashed them a blinding smile before swaying away, purpose set on her face. I think they’re finally dating.”John looked up from his phone now, raising an eyebrow. ” Karkat was stabbing a bottle opener into the cork of a bottle of wine, growing increasingly frustrated.“Bro, what.

I put it right there on my fucking seat, it’s not like it could have grown long ass spider legs and swaggered out of my car in the 10 minute ride here! “If she keeps hounding your ass over the whole deal, you could always come chill with me and we’ll say that we’re doing something social when actually we’ll be re-watching the entirety of .”Karkat offered him a small smile of his own. There was silence for a moment before Dave broke it again.“You took my advice.” He said, and when Karkat turned to look at him he found the other was already watching.

i didnt follow what happened in the video religiously sorry i suck at tenses so hard. also just writing sake, where the hell is my goddamn phone? They probably have structured debates that would rival that of the essays of Literature majors over their weekly choice of Freudian text while doing the passionate lesbian horizontal tango.” Dave pauses, noting Karkat’s look of outright disgust and sends him a wry smile. To not have Kanaya on my back, I mean.”They both turned, walking across the sidewalk towards Roxy’s house.

In reality, the game as it is now is practically a different game entirely. Might change for the final game, depending on the response. I'm a bit late, but as for the missing d3dx9_37file, it's actually much simpler to download that very file and pop it into the game's folder. The only reason I refrained from suggesting it earlier is that it is relatively easy to make a malicious DLL file and not everyone on the Internet is scrupulous.

Even the art style has been altered to reflect that. I don’t need MLA or APA format, but if there are errors, I really need beta testers to take excellent notes so I can find and correct these errors. Have an eye for consistency both in terms of story and graphics. There are a number of endings and each path is pretty lengthy. Most of the time, if it’s something I can easily fix I will do so, just understand I am unfortunately a single unit organization.6. You won't have to restart your computer or download anything too big! Basically, everyone ought to exercise healthy precautions!

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