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Of course, we don't all run through the following checklist before a night on the town.In fact, I'm hoping the majority of my fellow male suitors do most of this stuff, because a lot of it sounds at best exhausting, and at worst borderline psychotic.The rest of the time it falls to their mothers, and later to their wives or girlfriends." What this means, essentially, is that some guys go through underwear like Kleenex while dating, then as soon as they get serious with a woman, they rely on her revulsion to land a fresh pair of skivvies.Centuries from now, when human beings exist only on alien labor camps, they will be able to point to this dynamic as where the entire species began to decline.Tacking right onto the manscaping concept, the aforementioned UK study also cited the purchase of new underwear as one of the top three expenditures men are willing fork out in anticipation of a date.

According to yet another UK survey (those Brits and their dating research) conducted by Mobile Phone Checker (via ), it's actually men who are more likely to peek at their partner's phone. This practice of snooping, according to Director of Mobile Phone Checker, Adam Cable, "may be a sign that mobiles are either making it more difficult for couples to build trust in a relationship, or simply making it easier for people to spy on their partner's actions." So, I guess Kenny's phone paranoia is slightly justified, but still — clearing his Instagram search history? 's pre-date confessionals, here's another odd admission — this time from "Lucas" — who said he does a bit of cyber-sleuthing ahead of any new rendezvous.Confidence goes hand in hand with comfort, and comfort leads to a good date," the mag suggests.But if you're normally a couch potato, there's no amount of burpees that's going to instantly alleviate you of your Netflix and pizza gut."I always like to make sure I clean up my phone before a first date, in case the new girl sees my phone.I go through and delete text message history and even clear my search history on Instagram." I'll go ahead and be honest as well and say that Kenny, or any guy who fears someone seeing his phone, seems kind of shady.

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