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During the Middle Ages, the city was variously known as Barchinona, Barçalona, Barchelonaa, and Barchenona.Internationally, Barcelona's name is wrongly abbreviated to 'Barça'.The origin of the earliest settlement at the site of present-day Barcelona is unclear.The ruins of an early settlement have been found, including different tombs and dwellings dating to earlier than 5000 BC.Another common abbreviation is 'BCN', which is also the IATA airport code of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport.The city is also referred to as the Ciutat Comtal in Catalan, and Ciudad Condal in Spanish, owing to its past as the seat of the Count of Barcelona.The cathedral, also known as the Basilica La Seu, is said to have been founded in 343.

But two of my best pals found their other half with Tinder, so maybe it's worth a try while evading all the "hi pretty lady, I want to **** you, let's meet" messages.The city is known for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics as well as world-class conferences and expositions and also many international sport tournaments.Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourist, economic, trade fair and cultural centres, and its influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the world's major global, how do people on their 20s do the whole dating thing here?hmm, I only see three possibilities nowa) the romantic way: we meet somewhere random from where the sunset can be seen, but we pretend not to see each other when we arriveb) the online dating: we exchange emails for one month and when we are starting to fall in love and exchange pictures, I happen not to be Christian Bale and you happen not to be Scarlett Johansson, so we come up with excuses like our cats are on fire and we don't meetc) the norwegian way: we just meet at my/your place and have bad sexpd: I never thought hitting on someone online could work Tinder seems to be goto for blind dates. Yeah, haven't tried Tinder myself but a friend told me she once downloaded it and after five minutes of swipping, most of the guys were tourists.

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