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"Brody Jenner at the time was dating Jayde Nicole," Cavallari recalled."I dated Brody when I was 18, right after Laguna Beach, actually, and that's it.I’m spilling all the beans today.” Also at the Svedka Red, White and Booze BBQ, Cavallari opened up about her relationship with former Though it’s been nearly a decade sine Cavallari and Jenner starred alongside each other on the reality show, she “talked to him not that long ago.I mean, he told me he was getting married in June, but I don’t look at anything to see it.” “I don’t read tabloids, I don’t look at websites,” said Cavallari.“Then two people pulled out.” When Mc Carthy guessed if it was Pratt and Montag who were the culprits, Cavallari initially said, “No comment.” After Mc Carthy went on to say that she would be surprised if it was the married couple because “they need money,” Cavallari said, “Well, it’s for a specific reason they can’t do it.” “God?

star is engaged to model girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter.Brody raises a glass, saying it's good to be single, but when Kristin asks Brody what he can and can't do during his break from Jayde, her ex doesn't seem so sure.With this response, Kristin declares them both single as far as she's concerned.When Brody doesn't disagree, Kristin tells him they should go out again.At Heidi and Spencer's Hollywood home, Heidi is in the backyard playing with their neighbor Enzo and her new puppies.

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