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(As it was, there were also not yet enough television sets in the United States to make television broadcasting in late-night viable; Lester himself was a last-minute replacement host for up-and-coming 26-year-old comic Don Hornsby, who caught polio and died less than a week before the show began.) The first version of The Tonight Show, Tonight Starring Steve Allen, debuted in 1954 on NBC.

Shows that loosely resemble the format air in other countries, but generally air weekly as opposed to the nightly airings of those in the United States.

He was noted for his conversational style, relatively highbrow interview guests, feuds with other media personalities (his feuds with print journalists Ed Sullivan and Walter Winchell marked a power shift from print to television; Winchell's career never recovered from the damage), and mercurial personality; Paar famously quit the show in 1960 in a dispute over a censored joke but was allowed to come back a month later.

Paar permanently left the show in 1962, citing the reason that he could not handle the work load of The Tonight Show (at the time, the show ran 105 minutes a day, five days a week), and he moved to his own weekly prime-time show, which would run until 1965.

The success of the show led Allen to get another show, entitled The Steve Allen Show, which would compete with The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights.

Meanwhile, hosting duties of The Tonight Show were split between Allen and Ernie Kovacs; Kovacs had defected to NBC from his own late-night show on the then-crumbling Du Mont Television Network.

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