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Along with a certain adherence to local taste, this church shows traces of the influence of Alberti, Mantegna, Brunelleschi, and the Urbino school.This last influence is particularly evident in its choir, which was painted in perspective to give an illusion of a much larger space.The only written evidence of Bramante’s ideas on architecture goes back to this time (1490) and consists of a report on the problem.Bramante examined various solutions (among them one of his own, a square plan), demonstrating a conception of architecture remarkably like that of Alberti.Rome, Bramante served as principal planner of Pope Julius II’s comprehensive project for rebuilding the city. Peter’s Basilica, of which he was the chief architect, was begun in 1506.

Similar experiments, perhaps also in the same years, seem to have been carried out by Bramante on the facades of buildings, such as Casa Fontana, later called Silvestri, in Milan.

Almost all of them show some characteristics of Bramante’s work, but they appear very different from each other.

Before 1477 Bramante may have been primarily a planner, designer, and painter of architectural perspectives that other artists partly modified and inserted into their own paintings or carried out in construction; there are a number of later instances in which he is known to have furnished painters with such architectural perspectives.

In 1488 Bramante, along with a number of other architects, was asked by Cardinal Ascanio Sforza, brother of Ludovico Sforza and bishop of Pavia, to draw up a new plan for the cathedral of Pavia.

Bramante went many times to that city during this period, and it was probably under his direction that the crypt and the lower portion of the building were executed.

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