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Read on for the Sam and the City guide to becoming more attractive to the opposite sex ... No one has ever met the love of their life by watching Simpsons re-runs on a Saturday night - alone.When singles whinge about their situation and stand in corners looking glum, no fellow singleton (who is sober) is going to waltz up and ask to buy them a drink. Because we're attracted to people who smile, laugh and are confident in their own skin.Instead, there are better ways to meet people that don't include drinking yourself into a lull so that your beer goggles make anything on two legs look half decent. Speaking of taut buns, working up a sweat induces endorphins.Surely if you've learnt anything from this column, it's to make an effort to think outside the box. You feel good, you look good, you get confident and things spiral onwards from there.- Samantha Brett - Watch Sam and the City TV: Ep 4 - The Myth Of The Man Drought - More If one more guy who reeks of beer, ciggies and sweat comes up to me in a bar and tries to grope me, I will scream.You're right with the whole stay away from bars thing, but if you're sober then give it a go!And then there's the not-so-good stuff: no sex on tap, no one to share the mortgage, no one to accompany you to family Easter celebrations or tell you you've been eating too many chocolates.Either way, the Man Drought topic last week caused quite a stir in both camps. Surely it's our fault there aren't enough singles and has nothing to do with mathematics, the census, or demographers?

It's something in our DNA that makes us thrive on the knowledge that this guy has been pre-screened by one of our own kind.

I mean by becoming an interesting and varied person with hobbies, passions and dreams.

I see too many people sitting there complaining, yet no one seems to be 'doing' anything ...

' " Then came a desperate plea via email from another regular blogger: "I need some help here. I'm not out for a one-nighter but I'm not ready to get married again either.

The whole, 'just be yourself' doesn't seem to work for me.

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