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What I wanted and what I felt didn’t matter,” she says.

“I was there to comply to the whims and wants of men who are dominant and believe patriarchy in their hearts, even if they say the don’t.”Teng was 28 and married when she moved to Watsonville in 1985 to begin organizing cannery workers, and Rios, who had already established himself as a charismatic leader in California’s union network, was 40.

“I am deeply sorry to hear that my conduct has caused pain and anger to demonstrably good people.

The pain has stayed with her in the 30 years since, and over time festered into a sense of anger.

“I told myself, ‘I am here because of the bigger picture of what we’re doing.

Have you ever reached a moment in your life when you just wanted to say, “Enough?

” When you wished you could just walk away from everything and start a completely different life somewhere else, no strings attached? This low-key character study from filmmaker Joshua Marston is built around a woman who prefers to make up her life as she goes along—one new, invented identity at a time.

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