Luann lesseps dating while married

Rich Super has been Luann’s agent for several months now.

He is also representing comedians such as Artie Lange.

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star Luann de Lesseps is reportedly moving on from her very short-lived marriage to Tom D’Agostino and is currently dating her agent Richard Super, who recently filed for divorce from his wife, but is still technically married.

There have been no official announcements on this matter from either Luann or Rich Super.

More specifically, the that Luann is “smitten” with her agent, Richard Super, is “taking it slowly after her recent divorce.”The pair met through a mutual friend.

Richard joined The Gersh Agency in the comedy department last January, according to The source commented that Richard has “been navigating lots of new opportunities” for the Countess, who has now “done 16 [#Countess And Friends] cabaret shows all over the country with more requests flooding in.”“It’s all very new, but like most things with Luann, it’s been all-consuming.

Rich Super has been Luann’s representative since she began her prosperous career of a cabaret dancer in ‘The Countess and Friends’.

Luann de Lesseps was married to Tom D’Agostino from 31 December 2016.

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