Making sex chat samples

For neutrality, imagine you're talking to an equal.

The tone of your voice will account for half of the dom/sub direction of a phrase, the words will account for the other half.

Think about it this way: for dominance, pretend you're talking to a subordinate.

whatever, it's not necessarily obvious and we don't usually make a big show of it, but the role is there, guiding the way we act. When you talk dirty to a guy (or girl), you're helping immerse him in the experience, you're using your words to make the roles believable. I am a dude who has slept with a modest number of women, but zero guys.Like the girl who posted the long list of shit guys should or shouldn't do, I am not capable of speaking on behalf of my entire gender.Just go past it, learn to get lost in it, don't judge or withdraw.This unabashed attitude and absence of inhibition will make you one of the best partners your guy has ever had. Like the Dirty Talking 101 post, this isn't a script of things to say.

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  1. This technique was common in Jamaican dub music, Because the percussive breaks in funk, soul and disco records were generally short, Herc and other DJs began using two turntables to extend the breaks.