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Access to this data is usually provided by a "database management system" (DBMS) consisting of an integrated set of computer software that allows users to interact with one or more databases and provides access to all of the data contained in the database (although restrictions may exist that limit access to particular data).

The DBMS provides various functions that allow entry, storage and retrieval of large quantities of information and provides ways to manage how that information is organized.

The introduction of the term database coincided with the availability of direct-access storage (disks and drums) from the mid-1960s onwards.

The term represented a contrast with the tape-based systems of the past, allowing shared interactive use rather than daily batch processing.

The sizes, capabilities, and performance of databases and their respective DBMSs have grown in orders of magnitude.

The sum total of the database, the DBMS and its associated applications can be referred to as a "database system".

Since DBMSs comprise a significant market, computer and storage vendors often take into account DBMS requirements in their own development plans.

Databases and DBMSs can be categorized according to the database model(s) that they support (such as relational or XML), the type(s) of computer they run on (from a server cluster to a mobile phone), the query language(s) used to access the database (such as SQL or XQuery), and their internal engineering, which affects performance, scalability, resilience, and security.

The CODASYL approach relied on the "manual" navigation of a linked data set which was formed into a large network.

Applications could find records by one of three methods: Later systems added B-trees to provide alternate access paths.

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RAID is used for recovery of data if any of the disks fail.

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