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I’d tested out high for a company, and at the eleventh hour the higher-ups squelched it. I’m obviously kidding here, but your point is right—we do judge. I’m afraid to even have a beer in public, because someone turns one beer into being an alcoholic. I’m so paranoid that when someone looks at me different I think they’re talking about the incident that happened six years ago. Blue-collar guy, worked around asbestos his whole life. And we took him to the hospital in Houston and nine months later he was dead. There are three things I think about every day, and this is the truth, Jeff. I loved the job because I worked so hard to be great at it. But it got to the point where it was my kids and my career; and how to deal with my career—and then her. And I had one gig, in the financial business two years ago. At least I would have had a helluva sex session with an executive’s wife. My old man, had he not been dying of cancer, would have put his foot up my rear end. I’ll take my punishment, but how much longer do I have to take it before I get to work? I would never walk into a bar holding a girl’s hand, because all of a sudden you’re having a foursome. It dropped me to my knees in the newsroom when my mom told me he has Stage IV cancer and he’s going to die. I didn’t get the job because I was a great football player. Went back to work and two years later my contract was up on March 3. I’m a dad first and always have been, but I was three years reclusive. I’m not making excuses, but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. And I went through a very difficult dark time when my dad was dying. I didn’t handle it well, by going reclusive and not wanting to talk about it. When he went through the difficult time with the DUI he stood up and said, ‘I screwed up.’ He’ll text me once in a while, he’s one of those guys, he’s always there. Jeff, I’d never been through anything like it in my life. I made—mine was turned into a felony, while people who have done far worse … I’m not into getting guys suspended and taking their careers away.

Did I go through bouts of depression, when I didn’t know what depression was? I don’t take meds, but I know that feeling of, ‘Oh, my God, how did I go from there—the top—to falling down the ladder’? Forget the financial part—my personality changed 180 degrees. She was an absolutely lovely woman who had been at the paper for years and, in many ways, served as my mother away from home. With nobody looking, I walked over and typed “Fuck you” onto her screen. I asked Alan, another co-worker, what was going down. I guess if I were a Hall of Famer as an athlete, I guess I’d be back on the air. Probably last spring I started to come out of it, because I have to earn a living. Sheila and I joked and laughed and chuckled all the time. “Oh, Sheila’s had someone stalking her for a while. I went from being on TV more than Regis Philbin to, ooh, the guy had a cell phone picture of his own … I train quarterbacks all over the country and I work in the fall for Total College Sports Network, and I’m so grateful that somebody decided, ‘Sean deserves it.’ It’s not on TV, it’s the Internet. She chewed me out, then chewed me out again, then chewed me out a third time. In some eyes (I’m guessing), I should have been fired. and, inevitably, ESPN opted to let Salisbury’s contract expire (meanwhile, Jerry Rice has a gig. Here, Sean Salisbury talks about the impact of a single mistake; of fighting to regain a lost career; of why he desperately wants to return to TV ASAP. To this day, honest to God, I’ll take a slap on the hand. the collateral damage it’s done to my life and my family … If you recall Harold Reynolds was suing them at the time. And they said, ‘Well, it’s a bad example from one of our lead football analysts.’ And I said, ‘I get that. The typical dick joke guys laugh about.’ But I looked them in the face and I said, ‘Would I be here if Harold Reynolds wasn’t suing this network? But I’ve done far worse in my life than some stupid picture on my own cell. I’m opinionated just like you are, and that’s why I like you. And when they called me in there and they told me, I said, ‘You’re serious, right? ’ And a person looked me square in the face and said, ‘No, probably not.’ And I promise you that, as I sit here now. But I said, ‘You know what, I’ll take my punishment no problem. nobody has ever told me it’s not because I’m any good. But I don’t know why people didn’t rally and say, ‘He made a stupid mistake.’ It will be six years this fall. I mean, it’s as if I put a bullet in somebody’s mouth, went to jail, came out, and they said I shot, raped, stole and he’s awful at his job.

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