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“I started as a photo major, but the tediousness of the darkroom drove me mental.” On the cover of the band’s new album, , she gives a Warhol treatment to a black and white still of a werewolf, and she shot photos of band members Slave, Brashear and John Gray in black and white poses that suggest they’re inhabitants of the house from . The front dining room in La Crepe Nanou features three light boxes that she made—black and white photos on Plexiglas of women shot seemingly without their knowledge, then lit from behind and bordered with heavy red curtains, giving each piece a theatrical quality.

The “play” motif makes sense because Yseult cast her friends as the damsels in the photos; Jennifer Kirtland of Hazard County Girls and Katie Campbell of Famous Monsters are two of the women in La Crepe Nanou, and one from that series featuring Hazard County Girls’ vocalist Christy Kane hangs in Yseult’s house.

’ It is enormously liberating to me to now to live this way.

I am familiar with them now only because their new video for the song “In My Blood” premiered on Metal Injection, who noted that the clip contains “heavy inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s .” You had me at “Kubrick.” Unfortunately, not only is the band weak (what is up with all these once-famous musicians starting slightly-above-average bar bands???Because “art school band” evokes images of wealth and Talking Heads more than a heavy band, “White Zombie didn’t want people to know, but we definitely were,” she says.“We met at Parsons (School of Design in New York City). Our first drummer, Peter Landau, was a Parsons design student.), but the video is awful, largely due to what I assume were budgetary constraints.For one thing, a lot of these shots are of the band performing in front of the world’s cheapest-looking chroma keyed version of the Overlook Hotel.

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