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obviously, the ideal situation is to spend some time training your horse to get used to clippers.Often using some small battery powered clippers (human ones, or little trimming clippers) are a really nice way to get your horse used to the vibrating sensation – you can just hold then next to the horse, then against the horse, stroke the horse with them etc. Don't be in a rush when acclimatising them – as with all horsey things, it's shorter in the long term to spend more time at the start to make it as stress free as possible.The breed originated from English and Dutch mine horses brought to the United States and used in Appalachian coal mines as late as 1950. Veterinarians should be aware of some of the genetic defects in miniature horses, some of which may have an impact on anesthesia.Collapsing trachea, apparent hypoplastic trachea, narcolepsy, myopathy, sinus osteoma, patellar luxation, angular limb deformities, complete ulnas and fibulas, occipitoatlantoaxial malformation, cardiac anomalies, and ataxia have all been reported in miniature horses.Sedating to clip – a hairy job in more ways than one!

It can be a considerable adjustment for equine practitioners to adapt to working with such small horses because the equipment needed, including endotracheal tubes, breathing hoses, catheters, and syringes and needles, are the same as those used in small animals.

Preoperative evaluation should be thorough and must include weighing the horse, performing a complete physical examination, and obtaining laboratory tests as indicated.

It may be difficult for equine practitioners to estimate the weight of miniature horses accurately because they are so small.

Many of these abnormalities seem to be associated with dwarf-like (achondroplastic) conformation (Figure 8-2).

Thorough preoperative examination is important for establishing an awareness of preexisting conditions.

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