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Neither of the "modified" versions sat well with fans (like any version did with some), but the alterations basically involved converting the scoring into dollars and rules to how the questions were asked and how the awards were paid out.Bob Eubanks would return to helm the 1996 version during its second and third seasons (1997-1999), and that along with reverting to the original rules made for a welcome reception from long-time (and new) fans.The winner after all the questions were asked (or a tie-breaker was played, if necessary, by the couple predicting their point total) "won a special bonus prize, chosen especially for" them.Usually, this prize was kitchen appliances; rooms of furniture; stereo/TV equipment; things for the game room (such as a pinball machine or a pool table) a boat, motorcycle or trailer; a piano; or a trip (with the requisite luggage and camera thrown in).In addition to the 1966-1974 ABC and 1996-2000 syndicated versions, the most often remembered versions (and most-reran on Game Show Network [GSN]) came with the 1977-1980 (1 Night a week) and 1985-1989 5-Day-a-week syndicated incarnations.The rules for were modified for the 1988-1989 season, with host Paul Rodriguez; and again when the series resurfaced as a new entry in the 1996-1997 season, with Gary Kroeger as host.Correct matches at this point were worth 10 points (for the first 3 questions).

Thousands of couples let all of their secrets out of the bag during four lives.

A Palanpur court in Banaskantha district adjourned the hearing on the bail application of former IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt to November 12, after the Diwali vacation.

The state CID-crime had arrested Bhatt from his house in Ahmedabad on September 5 in connection with an alleged drug planting case dating back to 1996.

The CID-Crime affidavit revealed that Bhatt had allegedly informed some police personnel a day in advance about the narcotics consignment.

It claims that Rajpurohit neither booked any room nor he stayed in that hotel.

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