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She told me that she received over 500 emails in her first week. This reinforces why women are NOT obliged to write back polite rejection letters AND it reinforces why just because older men want attractive young women, they are unlikely to get a letter back. See my blog post “As Valuable as Your Options” if this isn’t clear to you. Plenty of women who are exasperated with the flood of emails delete their entire inbox just to keep things manageable.

If a woman is doing great, she might get 50 emails, or 150 emails, or 400 emails.

Why you should have CFLs in your home A new player recently emerged in a billion industry -- and it’s got Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner feeling pretty greedy because Wall Street never saw it coming.

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Which means that there are definitely some quality guys who don’t get through the first screening process I remember meeting a woman on in 2002.

We dated for six weeks and I remember asking her about her experience. That’s 495 guys who got silence in return for their emails. When a man’s dealing with such a competitive atmosphere, he might take a shot at writing a second or a third time.

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