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In real estate parlance of the 1990s, the term "1970s ranch home" and "fixer" were practically synonymous.

Home buyers winced as they surveyed avocado-green appliances and orange countertops.

Idea 3: And my final idea of how to update plain ole wooden doors is simply using paint and hardware.

Now, I mentioned this earlier in this post, but a good primer is key to success in this project.

I have plain 70’s looking flat doors and would love to update them. But here are my ideas of how to deal with these doors that most of us with 1970’s ranch homes inherit/are stuck with: Flat. ) Image source Idea #2: Along the same lines as frames, I thought about those very inexpensive over the door mirrors from Walmart that are about each. Here are some examples: To achieve the pearly trim look, get some pearlized paint or even some rub n’ buff would work. See how modern and new a mirror can look on a door? I have about 20 of these in my house, and I LOVE THEM.

Her question was the following: “One question: in your repurposing at your home, have you done anything to update your doors? ) Now, it’s not because these ideas are hard or expensive, it’s just that I really wanted paneled doors, so I bought them. You could even get bold with color, like in the example below: Image source Or keep it simple, classy, and elegant (look at how the raised trim on the doors makes it look AMAZING! You could also add even beefier trim/moulding for a super luxe look.

Green-conscious retailers sell items made of recycled man-made materials.

Their hands-on involvement resulted in a beautiful home that they can feel happy and proud to spend the next 16 years in.

Home design trends can be fickle, and sometimes circular.

Walnut-stained paneling was out, and pink and gray speckled granite was in.

Along with the new millennium, a new generation of home buyers started to take a new look at 1970s ranches--buying them and refreshing them, while respecting their origins.

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” In fact, this is totally something I thought about extensively before deciding on buying new doors (I still have about 8 more doors to replace…it never ends! Or, sometimes Lowe’s sells pre-made moulding frames/panels, so you could save yourself the trouble of mitering/cutting, but either way it’s a super cheap idea to have custom doors. Simply use mirror mastic to position the mirror on the door (after it’s primed/painted).

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