Voice interface must be shutdown before updating configuration

The same procedure works just as well on a single band DVMega….

Subsequently, Andy Taylor, MWØMWZ, adapted this method for use with Pi-Star. This process works in Pi-Star's default Read-Only mode.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Vic Simonsen, G0BVZ, a nice chap who answers questions regularly in the Pi-Star Users Support Group, wrote up a quite good explanation about an alternative method for finding the correct TXOffset and RXOffset values for a hotspot using Pi-Star's MMDVMCal utility ( Make sure your battery pack or power supply provides enough amperage to your hotspot; otherwise, it may not work or may work erratically.

If you stop say MMDVMHost, the watchdog will see that, and will restart it again within 5 mins. I could migrate this functionality to System D, but the Pi Star-Watchdog has been around for a while, it's an old and trusted friend :) Pi Star-Remote – In the old days, before MMDVMHost was born, irc DDBGateway (D-Star) had the ability to listen for commands via RF; you could command your system to reboot, shutdown, etc., from your radio.This will keep the logs and other partitions from filling up, which will crash Pi-Star and do some weird things." In Raspbian, the command to expand the filesystem to fill the SD card is part of the raspi-config utility, but that utility isn't available Pi-Star; instead, run the Pi-Star expand command: Pi-Star updates the lists of reflectors and repeaters stored in the hosts files (/usr/local/etc) nightly, but there may be times when you want to use one that isn't listed or override an incorrect entry.In this case, you can add it manually to the override hosts file in the /root directory, which is the root user's home directory.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I had to turn off the VPN service that was running on my Android phone before I was able to connect to the Pi-Star dashboard via the phone's hotspot connection, whether the connection was via Wi Fi or USB tethering.John, K1WIZ, posted in the Pi-Star Users Support Group introducing the idea of using USB tethering with a hotspot running Pi-Star: "This allows your hotspot to use the USB connection (instead of Wi Fi) so that your battery stays charged and isn't drained.

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The Quad Net network server does all the heavy lifting for you.

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