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All up I reckon I would save money if I undergo dental treatment in Thailand...according to some reports I read in the past. the local dentists didn't like my response when I saw their quotes ... I've started to make some general queries re having it done in Thailand and it seems to cost about 30 – 40% all inlcusive (flights, accomodation etc).

I need some info about which dental clinic would you recommend me in that country, and ideally paying local fees rather than what they would charge to a visiting foreigner. :) *Queue the doom and gloom merchants screaming that you'll get substandard treatment, your teeth will fall out within days or explode killing you, your family and your pet dog* I've thought about heading to Thailand myself for some major dental work, so I'd be curious to see the recommendations. I've seen Bumrungrad Hospital in person and I was totally amazed at this place.

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